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Bradenton Florida Pest Control Specialist Provides Reminders to Keep Family Safe

Bradenton Florida Pest Control Specialist Provides Reminders to Keep Family Safe

Bradenton Florida Pest Control Specialist Provides Reminders to Keep Family Safe

Bradenton Florida Pest Control Specialist “The Ant-Ser Man” has provided reminders on keeping safe during this difficult pandemic.  As a certified Entomologist, The Ant-Ser Man takes a special interest in not only insect infestations but also rodent infestations.  Providing Pest Control services in the Bradenton and Sarasota area for over 19 years “the Ant-Ser Man” has been the answer for many commercial businesses and residents of the ManaSota area.

Taking a special interest in the development and spread of the current Covid 19 pandemic, Mr. Ahrens notes: “While there is much research being done in this regard currently, it is well known that rats themselves can carry and transmit disease.  Rats can carry different corona viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 virus.  I am concerned that rats could continue to spread the virus by moving through sewer pipes and then into homes or businesses.  If we humans can transmit it on our hands and fingers, then of course rats can transmit it.  There is even a virus called the “rat corona virus”.  These viruses’ are highly contagious and an infected rat can spread the virus dramatically.”rat removal

Regardless of the point of origin, the ability of rat species to carry and transmit disease is alarming and only especially in regard to the current climate of this world wide pandemic.  The Ant-Ser Man provides some critical reminders to protect families, homes and businesses he continues: “Now more than ever, making sure homes and businesses are rodent free is very critical to protecting health and safety.  While research is still being conducted regarding CoVid 19, there are a number of pathogens that are well known to be carried by different rat species.  Now is the time to make sure that businesses and homes are rodent free.  There have been additional rodent outbreaks in cities that are under stay at home orders as the rodents are in search of food.  I’m not raising alarm, just providing guidance from experience I have gained from 29 years in this business.  To use an old expression, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Ant-Ser pest control provides rodent removal and provides the prevention.”

Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has been in business for 29 years.  In a business that is dominated by large corporations with generic service and poor customer service, Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has emerged as a popular choice on the Sun Coast of Florida for residential and commercial clients.  Mr. Ahrens notes “What really separates us from general pest control services is our customer service.  When Ant-Ser comes to your home or business, you have a certified Entomologist looking into your specific problem.  We make sure our clients are satisfied with our service and we provide education to help the client understand and prevent the problem.”

Ant-Ser Pest Control Inc. has served Bradenton and Sarasota Florida area for 29 years.  The company provides all types of professional pest control services.  Certified Entolomologist and local owner provides inspection, extermination and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients.  Contact “The Ant-Ser Man” at 941-877-0329 or visit the website at

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